'Hymn to Hermes' features in Making Waves' April playlist!

Making Waves is a monthly playlist dedicated to the dissemination of music by early-career contemporary composers. Each playlist addresses a particular theme and this months focus is percussion. 'Hymn to Hermes'  (for flute, clarinet and multi percussion: xylophone, crotales, bongos, tom-toms and bass drum) belongs to a collection of character pieces based upon Greek Olympio-Chthonian deities, The Homeric Hymns. Hermes was the Olympian God of boundaries and transitions. He was depicted as a capricious and astute character able to move freely between the mortal and divine worlds. Hermes was an emissary for the gods; a conciliator between the mortals and the divine. He was also charged with guiding souls into the afterlife.

Many thanks to Lisa Cheney and Peggy Polias at Making Waves as well to Jonty Coy, Benjamin Power and Adam Tan for their incredible performances.






AYO Premieres 'A Fool's Prayer'

Every year the Australian Youth Orchestra hosts its National Music Camp, a two week program that brings together some of Australia's most promising talent. It was an immense privilege to partake as one of four composers selected to compose new works for an ensemble comprising tutors of the NMC. These remarkable instrumentalists come from all over the country to support the development of the next generation of musicians; they perform in some of Australia's most prestigious classical music institutions including WASO, TSO, SSO, MSO, ASQ etc. 

After two weeks of intensive workshops and rehearsals, 'A Fool's Prayer' was premiered at the Elder Hall in Adelaide by an ensemble of 15 AYO tutors under the baton of Max McBride.

Premiere: AYO, 20/01/2017, Elder Hall, Adelaide, S.A.