for string trio

Primrose was commissioned by Ted Snell for the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery Memento Mori exhibition 2014. 
The work explores the theme of mortality through the allegory of a flower. The work also draws influence from Hans Memling's 'Triptych of Earthly Vanity and Divine Salvation'.

'I have referred to the primrose, and we all recognise "the language of flowers"—a mute language. It has been said that they "affect the mind with so intense a feeling of exquisite delight that the thrill of pleasure which they cause is almost akin to pain. One feels that they are too beautiful. So pure, so perfect, so fragile! They present to us a tender freshness, a living glow, and a perfect stainlessness, which are inimitable by Art, and which place them in the very forefront of Nature's products; while at the same time they bear about them unmistakable indications of their transient character, and in the full brightness of their glory speak to us of decay and of the tomb.'—H. C. Banister

Recording courtesy of Grebla Media.